Terms and Conditions

Map & Resourcepack Usage Conditions

Map & Resourcepack Usage on a Server
If you are using the Greenfield Map or Resourcepack on a public or private server, you must provide link to this websiteat a location that is deemed visible and readable.

Map & Resourcepack Usage in Videos, Blogs, or Social Media
If you are using the Greenfield Map or Resourcepack in a video, blog, or any other form of social media, you must provide a link in the description of the post itself linking to this website.

Other Projects using the Greenfield Map
If you are using the Greenfield Map for a project, and intend to distribute that project (with specific builds or sections of Greenfield), you MUST email us at contact@greenfieldmc.net and receive a reply granting permission of use. You may reapply for permission upon denial.

Other Projects using the Greenfield Resourcepack
Usage and modification of the Greenfield Resourcepack is fully allowed. You can redistribute the modified resourcepack as you wish under the conditions that The Greenfield Project is listed in the credit section of the new resourcepack AND the new resourcepack is not named in a way where it could be considered mimicking or mocking the name of the Greenfield Resourcepack.Usage of the unmodified Greenfield Resourcepack is fully allowed, but is NOT allowed to be hosted on an external site. All projects using the unmodified resourcepack MUST link to the resourcepack page on this website.

Build Member Conditions

Build Server Conditions
You must always use the Greenfield Resourcepack while on our build server.You must always obey the building codes and rules on the server. The codes and rules are subject to change- when changes occur, it is your job to keep up to date on them.Performing destructive acts, or assisting in the act of a destructive act on the server (in the form of harassment, harm, destruction of the map contents) will not be tolerated and are to be avoided at all times.The contents of the map that you produce is a modification of The Greenfield Project world and is owned by The Greenfield Project. You cannot claim ownership of regions of the map.

General Conditions
You must treat people with respect both on and off of the server. We are all a team working towards a common goal.You must always listen to Supervisors and Admins. They lead the project and they know what they're doing.You must remain in the official Discord server to remain a part of this project.You must not advertise your own, or someone else's, project. This includes asking someone to join another Minecraft Server, recruiting members, or any other message which may deter build members from the Greenfield Minecraft Project.Lying in any form or context will not be tolerated.English is the primary language we communicate with. All staff members are fluent in the English language. It is a requirement that you are able to understand and communicate with us via chat messages.Any media that is purposefully created to be used as official promotional material for the project is owned by the Greenfield Minecraft Project. Any other media that is not official is owned by the creator of said media.

Condition Notice

The Terms and Conditions listed under the "Map & Resourcepack Usage Conditions" apply to the Greenfield Resource Pack ("Greenfield Resourcepack", "Resourcepack") and to the Greenfield Map ("Greenfield Map", "Greenfield", "Map"). These entities are owned in whole by The Greenfield Project ("Greenfield"). By downloading our content, you consent to the terms listed in the Map & Resourcepack Usage Conditions section.

Condition Notice

The Terms and Conditions listed under the "Build Member Conditions" ("this section", "conditions") apply to the build members that are currently or were an active member of The Greenfield Project. By becoming, or having been, a member of Greenfield, you must comply to these conditions listed within this section of Terms and Conditions. Failure to comply with these conditions may result in a project ban (that potentially includes a Discord guild ban depending on the severity) or a demotion of rank status. If you do not agree with our conditions, you will not be accepted onto the build team or you will be removed from the build team. If you apply to join The Greenfield Project, you consent to the terms listed in this section.

Official Media

Official media is media that has consciously been created by a member to be used as promotional material for one of the official media outlets. This does not include work done by members on their own. To be considered official media, the given piece of media must be approved by an Administrator of The Greenfield Project.