Greenfield City

Downtown and Eaglepoint

A crisp image of Downtown and Eaglepoint.

Downtown and Ashfield

A morning image of Downtown and Ashfield Central.


The beachfront of Longport Keys. With the lighthouse in the distant background.


An overview of the Eaglepoint "Eagle Island."

Greenfield Seaport

The four central piers of the Greenfield Seaport. Hundreds upon hundreds of freight containers and hundreds of hours of work involved to create it.

The Ballpark

Made by 56515 during the 0.5.1 update, the Genmar Ballpark was one of the largest projects made on the server during that update.

Gas Power Plant

The Gas Fueled Power Plant created by the excellent builder Staples_. In addition to that, we also see the Seaport in the background with the Oil Refinery in the foreground.

Seaport Trainyard

The main trainyard which was made by Aa60665.

Zetapier Industry

Industry on the Zetapier in the Seaport.