Greenfield City

About Greenfield

Greenfield City began in 2011 by a Minecraft player named THEJESTR. When he made the original posting for the server on PlanetMinecraft, he soon got a following of several active members. The map finally bengan to take off and over time, slowly grew to the 2,000,000+ views and nearly 1 million downloads of the map we have today. The offical server has over 450 members who are whitelisted, and has been in continuous development since the beginning.

Our Goal

Our goal is to completely fill the map we have created for ourselves. Until recently, our goal was undecided- we didn't know how far we wanted to go before we considered our map complete. In a development over several months, and lots of Google Maps research, we have finally decided on a size, and a geographic idea of what we wanted our final map to look like. This final map is 15,000x13,000 blocks, and we have started proposing final road network plans.